November 2007

Welcome to a preview of the articles in the November edition of the Content Club.
First we have our regular gardening feature. This month we're talking about suitable trees for growing in a small garden.
Garden View
Then we have the second in our two part feature about eye examinations. This month we discuss common eye diseases which your Optician may detect.
Eyes Right Pt 2
As winter draws near many of us begin to feel as though we should hibernate. For some people the Winter Blues becomes a real problem. These people are suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The article discusses what SAD is, what causes it and how it can be treated.
Finally we discuss the positive effect which learning to play a musical instrument can have on your child. The benefits cover the entire spectrum of development.
The Mozart Effect
In addition, the download includes a half page history piece called A Peek into the Past; a full crossword; a half page tricky sudoku; a children's puzzle page plus jokes and quotes.
If you have any ideas for article topics which you'd like to see covered in future months please let me know.
I wish you a great November! Have lots of fun on Bonfire Night.
Kind regards,
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