September 2007

Welcome to a preview of the articles in the September edition of the Content Club.
First we have our regular gardening feature. This month we're talking about the why's and how's of pruning.
Garden View
Then we have an article which discusses why carpet is coming back to interior design in a big way. It includes some research results which suggest that contrary to popular belief, carpet may be a better floor surface than hard flooring if you're an allergy sufferer.
It's Cool to Carpet
If you want your child to get ahead, employ a home tutor. It seems more and more of us are going down this route so this article discusses why your child might benefit and how to choose the right tutor for them.
A Helping Hand
Finally we have an article about British food to tie in with British Food Fortnight. It discusses the fact that in spite of British food improving its image with the help of celebrity chefs, our children are eating more junk food than ever. It concludes by discussing how to engage with children through learning about regional dishes, which is the theme of British Food Fortnight.
Grub's Up
In addition, the download includes a half page history piece called A Peek into the Past; a full page general knowledge crossword; a half page sudoku; a children's puzzle page and jokes and quotes.
If you have any ideas for article topics which you'd like to see covered in future months please let me know.
I wish you a super September!
Kind regards,
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