Advert Templates


Check out our advert templates in the Other Content section of the Content Club.


When I ran my own magazine I was always surprised at how many advertisers wanted me to produce them an advert (all included in the price of course!)


It's really time-consuming to produce lots of nice adverts each with a different feel so we've produced a few for you. Change the name of the business, add in the phone number, check the details of what they offer (we've given you a few ideas in each case), and bingo!

Use the Template Ads to generate more business!


Take one of our template adverts and print it out to show prospective clients. So many small-business people don't have ready-made adverts of their own and thinking that they have to design one might put them off advertising in your magazine. If you can show them a nice little advert, that's one objection less to overcome.


If you save the advert as a PNG or a JPEG you can also email it to potential clients.


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