Welcome to a preview of the articles in the August edition of the Content Club.

We have our regular gardening article provided by amateur gardener Rachael Leverton.

International Bat Night takes place on August 27th.

A glass of wine on a warm summer evening is one of life's pleasures, and it has an interesting history.

Have you ever wanted to try stand up paddle boarding? Tom Hancock is a convert.

There is always a glut of fruit and veg in the summer. Pickling is enjoying something of a resurgence in popularity as we all try to make less go further. We look at the history of pickling.

As well as bats, cats are also in the spotlight this month because its Interntional Cat Day. We celebrate all thisng feline.

More of us are taking holidays under canvas. We have some beginner camping tips.

Its important to stay hydrated during the summer...here's why.

Tash Donovan has written two more book reviews.

Our August recipe ties in with our pickling article.

And we have a baking-themed Kids' puzzle page.

Plus a half-page quick crossword; a Sudoku; a word search and a quarter-page mindbender puzzle.
If you have ideas for article topics which you'd like to see covered in future months please let me know.
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