Welcome to a preview of the articles in the December edition of the Content Club.

We have our regular gardening article provided by amateur gardener Rachael Leverton.

Although things are more normal than last year we still need to be aware of COVID.
Can tumble dryers ever be environmentally friendly.

If you've ever wondered how to freeze meat, and how long its safe to do so, Tracey Anderson has the answers.

Critical thinking seems to be a dying art. How do we cut through the fake news, misinformation and hype?

If you find board games boring, maybe you're playing the wring games.

How to get clutter-free in time for Christmas.

It can be tricky to know what to buy for a vegan at Christmas. But we have some cool ideas.

There are lots of great book ideas for Christmas.

This month's recipe is for a last minute Christmas cake.

And we have our colourful Kids' page.

Plus a half-page quick crossword; a Sudoku; a word search and a quarter-page mindbender puzzle.
If you have ideas for article topics which you'd like to see covered in future months please let me know.
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