Welcome to a preview of the articles in the April edition of the Content Club.

We have our regular gardening article provided by amateur gardener Rachael Leverton.

Easter is not Easter without eggs. We have the low down on why eggs are good for you, and also why they might not be!

Lots of us get the urge to declutter in the Spring. It's actually good to live with less.

Ingrown toenails are unpleasant and surprisingly common.

Hard water can cause skin problems and wreck washing machines. A water softener might just be the answer. But how do they work?

What is safe to share on social media?

It's International Jazz Day this month. We have a potted history of the genre.

And it's April Fools' Day too.

Willow Coby has written two more book reviews.

The recipe this month features eggs for breakfast (of course!) but with a continental twist.

And we have our colourful kids' page with an Easter theme!

Plus a half-page quick crossword; a Sudoku; a word search and a quarter-page mindbender puzzle.
If you have ideas for article topics which you'd like to see covered in future months please let me know.
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