February 2009

Welcome to a preview of the articles in the February edition of the Content Club.
First we have our regular gardening feature. This month, with Valentine's day looming,  it's all about floriography (the language of flowers).
Garden View
Secondly we have an article aimed at solving that perennial sartorial crisis, 'I've got nothing to wear!'
Wardobe Woes
Local theatres are often over-looked in favour of big West-end productions but they work hard to offer interesting and entertaining programmes of events. This article encourages us to look again at our local theatre, and also at the benefits of joining an amateur dramatics society.
Local Hero
We can't escape the fact that its Valentine's Day this month so we have a timely and light-hearted article about what not to buy your wife or girlfriend this year.
Tainted Love
Sue Blain discusses the benefits of qigong and t'ai chi.
Go with the Flow
We welcome Kath Bennett: English teacher, writer and book-aholic who will be producing book reviews for us every month.
A Good Read
And we also introduce our recipe of the month. This month, with the credit crunch in mind, its Frugal Stew.
Frugal Stew
A Peek into the Past this month examines the history of the World War II German war ship The Bismarck.
A Peek into the Past
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