October 2008

Welcome to a preview of the articles in the October edition of the Content Club.
First we have our regular gardening feature. This month it's all about autumn colour in the garden. We tell you which plants work best.
Garden View
Secondly we have an article about the history of eating out, and why we do it on special occasions.
What's for Dinner?
Then we have a feature about bonfire night: the story behind The Gunpowder Plot and why historians can't agree how much of it is true.
Bonfire Night
We have a great article all about how you can be more interesting. Whether you want to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right or just make new friends, this is the article to set you straight.
Are You Interesting?
Finally Sue Blain, our resident naturopath, tell us all how we can postpone the aging process.
The Young Ones
Our Peek into the Past feature is all about the events which led up to the beheading of Sir Walter Raleigh, which took place this month in 1618.
A Peek into the Past
We also have a Halloween-themed children's page, a coded crossword, a sudoku and jokes and quotes.
If you have any ideas for article topics which you'd like to see covered in future months please let me know.
Wishing you a stress-free October.
Kind regards,
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