Hello, welcome to thewritecontent.co.uk. I’m Jayne Deakin and I created this site with two aims:

  • To provide quality content for those individuals who publish their own printed community magazine
  • To provide an information resource for those individuals wanting to set up their own community magazine


I used to run my own community magazine and though I no longer do this I am still involved with some local publications. I also write professionally - mainly science and medical articles.
I started The Write Content in order to help people who lacked writing or publishing experience publish their own local magazines without having to pay extortionate franchise fees, but it's grown to be much more. It now also provides an outlet for new writers to write short articles and get paid for them. The site now covers all of its costs from membership fees and allows me to pay those writers we feature. Other than this it makes very little profit. I run it because I like doing it.
So please take a look around. You'll find lots of useful information for the fledging magazine publisher. You should be able to learn almost everything you need to set up your own publishing business and all it will cost you is some reading time. You don't even need to register unless you want to purchase our editorial content.

Please take some time to browse this site and please check out our Content Club it's just £20 per month to join!

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